sheep and llama at Castallack Farm

About Castallack Farm

In an ‘Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty’ near Mousehole in West Cornwall lies the pretty hamlet of Castallack¬† named after the remains of a prehistoric site on our land ‘Castallack Roundago’.

The ‘Roundago’ is an Iron Age farming settlement that may well have had a ‘courtyard’ house built inside it in the Roman period. The Iron Age lasted from 800 BC to 100 AD so it may well be over 2500 years old.

You can clearly see that it is a round area of about three quarters of an acre with far reaching views to the North. It is a magical area with a real sense of history & it is an unforgettable experience to be there on a summers evening with darkness approaching.

image of piglets sucklingToday it is grazed by our sheep & you are invited to to visit & wander at your own pace or take a picnic & soak in the atmosphere.

Here at Castallack¬† we breed Ryeland sheep on 35 acres of fertile Cornish land & care for an assortment of horses, pigs, geese, chickens, dogs, cats & ‘Chico’ our handsome & aloof guard llama.

We don’t have a designated ‘farm trail’ but you are welcome to wander at will – just check with us first!

We endeavour to maintain a sustainable & environmentally friendly relationship with our land by not using chemical pesticides or fertilizers & maintaining our margins & hedgerows for the benefit of wildlife by planned & periodic trimming.

Our land is home to a variety of wildlife including Badgers, Foxes, Buzzards, Owls, Woodpeckers, Bats & a host of other wildlife, you may well be lucky enough to see  a few or many of them.