wind turbine at castallack farm under sunset

Green Issue

Green is the Colour

Castallack Farm now has it’s very own wind turbine [picture above] & we are generating some of the energy we need ourselves at no cost to anyone. Wind is still free.

We’re keen on green. In fact we’re so keen that we’re Ambassadors for CoaST (Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project) & have been for many years. However we won’t bang on to you about green issues but we will encourage you to be a bit green, or a lot green, whichever you prefer, whilst you are in Cornwall. We will suggest to you great walks from the doorstep, & we will give you some ideas about great days out using mainly public transport. These ideas are printed & ready for you to use should you so wish.

We are also the first bed and breakfast in Penzance to be designated ‘plastic free’ by SAS [Surfers against Sewage] who recently made headlines by giving Penzance the status of the first town in the UK to be accredited ‘plastic free’.

If you would like some information about CoaST just click here. We do however recycle everything possible, turn lights off when we leave the room & don’t open windows when the heating is on. If you can do the same it would be good. If you would like to know more about our Green credentials please ask, we will be happy to talk.

Thank you.